Silicone Sleeve for corona treatment

High Quality silicone sleeve on seizes : 2inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches
Thickness :2mm​

Dyne Test Inks, Pens



Non-toxic and are used by operators that handle the production lines to check If a material has been treated, or not.

For the inks available values are 30-58 dynes/cm

For the Dyne Test Pen the value of reference is 38-44 dynes/ cm




Antistatic Bar 

Anti shouck up to 3m Length ,Work Distance from 10mm up to 30mm


Antistatic Feeder

Out Put Voltage 8000Vac , Power 50Va Max , can feed up to 3 bars, for a total length of 6 Meters

Ceramic / Chrome Anilox Roll



High quality Ceramic / Chrome Anilox Roll for Flexo press printing Machine Cell Volume Chart screen line 120LPI Till 1500LPI.

Solvent Inks Pump​

Air shift and chuck​


Serial Number 1

Project: Tube diameter shall apply

1″axis - ф25.4

1.5″axis - ф38.1

2″axis - ф50.8

3″axis - ф76.2

4″axis - ф101.6

6″axis - ф152.4

8″axis - ф203.2

10″axis - ф254

12″axis - ф304.8


Serial Number 2

Project: Before inflatable gassing axis diameter

1″axis - ф24.8

1.5″axis - ф37

2″axis - ф49

3″axis - ф74

4″axis - ф100

6″axis - ф150

8″axis - ф200

10″axis - ф250

12″axis - ф300


Serial Number 2

Project: After filling inflatable shaft diameter

1″axis - ф28

1.5″axis - ф41

2″axis - ф53

3″axis - ф82

4″axis - ф108

6″axis - ф158

8″axis - ф210

10″axis - ф260

12″axis - ф310


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